Hackers of India



This website is created by Anant Shrivastava and is effectively his personal attempt to understand the origins of Hacking Culture in India.

At this point the focus is on finding the individuals who started putting Hacking Knowledge out in open by means of:

I am trying to keep the Indexing clean and usable. I will prefer to keep data front and center so minimal details about hackers but more cronological events

First Focus is to dig into the Cyber Security Space and once that is documented we can look at other aspects including but not limited to Linux User groups, FOSS or IT groups in general.

Profile Details

Initial Plan was to keep a minimal profile of Indian hackers and specially the indian connection (are they someone born in india but went abroad after education or someone who is still operating in india). As I moved for more then 100+ individuals it was quickly clear that I will not be able to maintain such huge dataset so I do keep some notes about the indian connection internally but not maintaining detailed profile. Only following social media profiles are linked in profile:


This effort would not have reached its current position without the direct support of following contributors