Hackers of India

Chupa Rustam

 Abhijeet Hatekar 



The latest advances in IP Video technology has made the world a global village and allowed communication to take place at the speed of thought. New video applications promise many exciting cost-saving benefits, but they also bring with them a host of security challenges and vulnerabilities. It has been observed that these security technologies lack proper synergy and as video solutions and phones are getting popular nowadays, new attack vectors are also being developed against them. So there is an imperative need to secure them. Given this scenario, where maintaining security has become a major challenge for the IT experts, this conference provides the perfect launch pad for a brand new tool Peeping Tom. The tool’s name is reflective of its attributes. Peeping tom does unauthorized usage of IP video phones as video surveillance cameras. It clandestinely converts Grandstream GXV 3000 video phones into surveillance camera. Successful exploitation, can have several dangerous implications as the phone can be used anywhere in the office or home, thereby leaving both commercial and residential complexes vulnerable to the attack. Using peeping-tom attacker can monitor all the movements happening within the room where these phones are placed. This presentation will focus primarily on informative and insightful live demos that show targeted video attacks and issues that put video application traffic at risk.