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Teensy for fun and jugaad

 Amey Gat 


Lots of people might have already come across the Teensy USB development board.Teensy is a usb development board which contains microcontroller from the AT MEGA family. This development board has built in USB connectivity to interface with the PC It is currently famous for its ability to act as USB keyboard and mouse and send commands preprogrammed in its microcontroller.Various talks have beenn given in security conferences worldwide demonstrating how Teensy can be programmed and used as an attack vector in Penetration Testing. But opposite to the trend this paper will not show teensy as an attack vector rather it will explain how to use Teensy as an interfacing circuit. This talk will present an idea to control PC applications as well as control mouse through a TV Remote Control. The talk will demonstrate IR Receiver Circuit with Teensy and will give a brief idea about some other interfacing pssible using the Teensy development board. The circuit itself is very simple. The talk will also demonstrate how this circuit can be used with most of the TV remote just by changing small code in the program.