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Rudra - The Destroyer of Evil

 Ankur Tyagi 


Rudra aims to provide a developer-friendly framework for exhaustive analysis of (PCAP and PE) files. It provides features to scan and generate reports that include file’s structural properties, entropy visualization, compression ratio, theoretical minsize, etc. These details, alongwith file-format specific analysis information, help an analyst to understand the type of data embedded in a file and quickly decide if it deserves further investigation.

Rudra now supports scanning PE files and can perform API scans, anti{debug, vm, sandbox} detection, packer detection, authenticode verification, alongwith Yara, shellcode, and regex detection upon them. Additionally, following new features are being added for the first beta release:

The report for each analyzed file can be dumped to disk as a JSON/HTML/PDF. If needed, analysis can be customized via CLI arguments, config file, or interactive console.

Rudra also supports protocol identification, decoding, and normalization. It can analyze embedded URLs and IP addresses within files and gather whois/geolocation information for them. Users can view live mapping of identified hosts and correlate the results from different analysis modules to perform deeper investigation.