Hackers of India

IoT : How long till D Day?

 Aseem Jakhar   Hari Vasudev   Rishikesh Kamat  , Daniel Cisowski  , Michael Pyle 


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The panel discussion revolves around IoT security, the importance of standardizing security testing methodologies for IoT devices, . The conversation begins with an expert content summarizer explaining their interest in creating a set of IoT vulnerabilities and open-sourcing a security testing methodology. They highlight the unique challenges of securing IoT devices, which involve both hardware and software components.

The discussion shifts to the need for a hardware-focused security conference, as most conferences focus on software security. The speaker shares their personal interest in hardware security, which led them to explore penetration testing (peyote testing).

A question is posed by an entrepreneur providing sensor-based solutions for hospitals, who expresses concerns about the readiness of Indian hospitals to invest in security solutions. They worry that it may take a critical attack or loss of life for hospitals to prioritize security.

The panel agrees with this sentiment, emphasizing the importance of integrating cybersecurity into hospital infrastructure to protect patients’ lives. They highlight the need for secure systems, potentially leveraging private blockchain technology, to ensure the reliability of critical systems like electrical distribution and oxygen machines.

Overall, the discussion underscores the urgent requirement for IoT security standards, testing methodologies, and increased awareness among organizations, particularly in the healthcare sector, where human lives are at stake.