Hackers of India

Data Protection

 Dipankar Roy 



Loss of sensitive business information or customer data can bring an organization to its knees. The ability to easily port data using removable media, the increase in the use of mobile devices including laptops and the shift towards “consumerization” of IT are together making it extremely difficult for Information Security professionals to first identify and then protect data from falling into the wrong hands. Be it protection of intellectual property or compliance to statutory requirements, companies are taking a hard look at their ability to protect critical and sensitive information.

This talk will cover all the aspects of Enterprise Data Protection within the context of protecting data at rest and in motion. The speaker will talk about real life problems and implications of data loss and then differentiate between traditional Encryption methodologies and new age Data Loss Protection approaches. In specific, the speaker with talk about the nature and upcoming trends of Full Disk Encryption, Content and Removable Media Encryption, Host based and Network based Content Discovery and DLP.