Hackers of India

Pawing the Droid: Twisting the ARM

 Divyanshu Shekhar   Anshul Kumar 



We will be discussing the structure of the ARM linux system ,stack overflow and the concept of the shellcoding and various ways in which an ARM system can be twisted in order to get an access to ANDROID devices ,along with the current scenario of the ARM linux systems in the current consumer electronics world. We will be demonstrating a fair means of exploiting the ARM linux system along with the working of the exploits and how ARM is related to the android exploitation and the countermeasures of the prevailing attacks. We will also be looking into the future possibility of attack on the ARM system along with the android exploitation.

Part I Discussion of ARM architecture assembly and its functioning with instruction sets. Discussion of linux programming architecture. ARM processor with reference to the linux architecture. Discussion upon the stack overflow and alteration of the execution flow. Concept of shellcoding and its development. Part II Concept of exploit development for the ARM linux system (along with demo). Means of exploit development. Framing and coding of our own exploit (along with demo). Part III Importance of ARM in enterprise and practical electronic development. Watching and self pentesting your own system. Future possibility of attack on the ARM linux system. Countermeasures for the prevailing attacks.