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VDLDS — All Your Voice Are Belong To Us

 Ganesh Devarajan  , Don Le Bert 


Presentation Material


Anytime you want to bypass the system, you tend to have a telephone conversation instead of leaving a paper trail. Data Leakage Prevention (DLP) is on top of the list for most organizations, be it financial or medical industry. In order to overcome this issue we need to devise a new system that can monitor phone conversations. Voice Data Leakage Detection System can be used for tracking Credit card, social security numbers, along with other PII data. An extension of this can be used for tracking Accounting and Financial information that leaves the organization before the information is actually public. This will help spot the people leaking insider information to traders, competitors and other news sources. By utilizing a signature system, each environment can quickly capture sensitive information like Acquisition/Sale of organization, or honeypot data to find the insider leaks.