Hackers of India

Intro to Dark Arts: Getting Started with CTFs

 Geethna T K   Shruti Dixit   Sowmya Potluri 



This talk will introduce the participants to the world of CTF contests as a way to learn real-world security skills. Providing them with the basic knowledge for playing CTF and how to get started with solving hands-on challenges in the domains of Cryptography, Reverse Engineering and Binary Exploitation. The workshop will consist of hands-on sessions for each domain as mentioned above to help participants get familiarised with the tools and libraries for each corresponding domains.

Cryptography is the art of disguising confidential data from eavesdroppers and making it accessible only to the authorized parties. It is built from the Number theory, a branch of pure mathematics devoted primarily to the study of integers. Reverse Engineering, mainly includes understanding assembly language and reversing obfuscated Linux binaries. The attendees will get to learn about the usage of tools such as GDB and GHIDRA for dynamic analysis and IDA for static analysis. Binary Exploitation is the art of ripping the binaries apart in order to find vulnerabilities and exploit them to spawn a shell on the server. The session will cover topics ranging from basic buffer overflow to learning overwriting return addresses and defeating ASLR.