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DejaVU—An Open Source Deception Framework

 Harish Ramadoss   Bhadreshkumar Patel 



Deception techniques—if deployed well—can be very effective for organizations to improve network defense and can be a useful arsenal for blue teams to detect attacks at very early stage of cyber kill chain. But the challenge we have seen is deploying, managing and administering decoys across large networks. Although there are lot of commercial tools in this space, we haven’t come across open source tools which can achieve this.

With this in mind, we have developed DejaVu which is an open source deception framework which can be used to deploy, configure and administer decoys centrally across the infrastructure. A web-based management console can be used by the defender to deploy multiple interactive decoys (HTTP Servers,SQL,SMB,FTP,SSH,client side–NBNS) strategically across their network on different VLANs. Logging and alerting dashboard displays detailed information about the alerts generated and can be further configured to generate high accuracy alert; and how these alerts should be handled.

Decoys can also be placed on the client VLANs to detect client side attacks such as responder/LLMNR attacks using client side decoys. Additionally, common attacks which the adversary uses to compromise such as abusing Tomcat/SQL server for initial foothold can be deployed as decoys, luring the attacker and enabling detection.