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Mobile Code mining for discovery and exploits

 Hemil Shah 


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Mobile code mining for discovery and exploits nullcongoa2013 from Blueinfy Solutions




Application source code is a major source for vulnerabilities. One of the CSI surveys on vulnerability distribution suggests that 80% of the time, a vulnerability crops up due to programming errors. According to IBM labs, there is a possibility of at least one security issue contained in every 1000 lines of code. To avoid these sort of security issues one needs to follow sound secure coding and design principals. It is also imperative to know code review methodologies and strategies to assess the quality of code before deploying to the production. The talk covers common mobile vulnerabilities with use cases, demos and tools to identify vulnerabilities in mobile application on iOS, Android and Windows phone applications. It is imperative to understand the source code review methodology for mobile applications and presentation will cover this in detail.