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Why Integrity is left alone and not given TLC (Tender, Love and Care) it deserves?

 Jitender Arora 


Information Security has 3 pillars CIA (Confidentiality, Integrity and Availability). Most organisations spend quite a lot of money in putting Confidentiality (Encryption to secure data in transit or data at rest) and Availability (Disaster Recovery) controls within their environment. For some reason, Integrity controls have been neglected and not many organisations implement Integrity controls to guarantee data accuracy.

Most business processes rely on accuracy of data to take critical and key business decisions but still mostly it is considered adequate to protect confidentiality of data in transit between 2 nodes or systems. How can we ensure Integrity of data that is used in BI tools to make decisions on critical business propositions? Is it acceptable to rely on Encryption controls to guarantee Integrity of data?

The idea is to have a thought provoking discussion involving audience.