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CSRF Finder as a Mozilla Addon

 Piyush Pattanayak 


Presentation Material


CSRF Finder is a light weight mozilla addon, which upon running will capture all the request and response headers and look for csrf token in it and also generates proof of concept file for the same. The tool consists of the following features.

Capture and Test This feature will capture all the request that flows through the browser and stores it in a tree. We can also filter the capture if we wish to scan only one domain. After capturing the request the tool will run a CSRF parameter check on all the requests and produce a report. There could be multiple parameter check too based on local operator “AND” and “OR”.

POC (Proof of Concept) After the tool finishes the scan, the tester can select any particular request and send it to the POC functionality, which will generate a HTML file based on the request; that file can be used to replicate the exact request and will help the tester to check for CSRF manually by just submitting it.

Settings Below are some options that will be provided to the tester