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Let’s Map Your Network

 Pramod Rana 



Let’s Map Your Network (LMYN) aims to provide an easy to use interface to security engineer and network administrator to have their network in graphical form with zero manual error. It is utmost important for any security engineer to understand their network first before securing it. In a mid to large level organisation’s network having a network architecture diagram doesn’t provide the complete understanding and manual verification is a nightmare. Hence in order to secure entire network it is important to have a complete picture of all the systems which are connected to your network, irrespective of their type, function, technology etc. BOTTOM LINE - YOU CAN’T SECURE WHAT YOU ARE NOT AWARE OF. LMYN does it in two phases:

  1. Learning: In this phase LMYN ’learns’ the network by performing the network commands and querying the APIs and then builds graph database leveraging the responses. User can perform any of the learning activities at any point of time and LMYN will incorporate the results in existing database.

  2. Monitoring: This is a continuous process, where LMYN monitors the ‘in-scope’ network for any changes, compare it with existing information and update the graph database accordingly.