Hackers of India

Shall we dust Beep? The Geo-strategic realities of Cyberwar

 Pukhraj Singh 



Taking inspiration from ,“Shall We Dust Moscow?” a seminal whitepaper released in 1996 by the venerable computer security researcher Dan Farmer, that tried for the very first time to prove the case of securing cyberspace being an extension of America’s geopolitical imperatives: this presentation aims to tread the fine line between strategic affairs and cybersecurity. It also strives to arrive at a mutually-agreeable consensus on the ambit as well as definition of cyberwar by citing incidents that have influenced the course of diplomacy in South Asia. To say that the talk will provide an account of attack vectors never heard before could be a little misleading; but when the puzzle is pieced together and each shred of information is analysed, every occurrence thwarted by the Indian establishment bore a distinct motive and signature that have had implications on its national security posture. By envisaging the eventual amalgamation of the technical and geo-strategic aspects of this domain, it will also try to foster an interdisciplinary narrative that hypothesizes on issues like the ratification of a “global cyber-security regime”, “cyber arms control” “Cyber and international relations”. Building its case on Pukhraj’s recent paper on India’s cyber- defence preparedness published by the lindal journal of International Affairs, the talk will also address the question defence preparedness published by the Jindal Journal of International Affairs, the talk will also address the question whether this asymmetric domain can comply to the Clausewitz-ian paradigm, thus becoming the perfect fifth-dimension of war.

Note: Presentation is linked to speakers website as the conference didnt published the paper at that time and author released the paper later.