Hackers of India

A Hacker Walks into a Co-working Space

 Rahul Binjve 


Presentation Material


Co-working spaces have become very popular in recent times as they provide valuable service to new entrepreneurs. But, as is the case in real world, security takes a backseat over convenience. Being a part of a budding startup, I have spent past few months analyzing and exploring the state of security in various co-working spaces. In this talk, I plan to share my findings related to (in) security of co-working spaces and how I could have accessed data of various startups. I will be sharing how I could have taken over various systems such as unpatched network devices, visitor/entry management systems, surveillance cameras, databases, desktops and source code belonging to various startups present in the co-working spaces. This talk is a case study of assessing the state of security of the co-working spaces.