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The Sandbox Roulette- Are you ready for the gamble?

 Rahul Kashyap  , Rafal Wojtczuk 


What comes inside an application sandbox always stays inside the sandbox. Is it REALLY so? This talk is focused on the exploit vectors to evade commercially available sandboxes Las Vegas-style: We’ll spin a “Sandbox Roulette” with various vulnerabilities on the Windows Operating System and then show how various application sandboxes hold up to each exploit. Each exploit will be described in detail and how it affected the sandbox.

There is a growing trend in enterprise security practices to decrease the attack surface of vulnerable endpoints through the use of application sandboxing. Many different sandbox environments have been introduced by vendors in the security industry, including OS vendors, and even application vendors. Lack of sandboxing standards has led to the introduction of a range of solutions without consistent capabilities or compatibility and with their own inherent limitations. Moreover some application sandboxes are used by malware analysts to analyze malware and this could impose risks if the sandbox was breached.

This talk will present an in-depth, security focused, technical analysis of the application sandboxing technologies available today. It will provide a comparison framework for different vendor technologies that is consistent, measurable, and understandable by both IT administrators and security specialists. In addition we will explore each of the major commercially available sandbox flavors, and evaluate their ability to protect enterprise data and the enterprise infrastructure as a whole. We will provide an architectural decomposition of sandboxing to highlight its advantages and limitations, and will interweave the discussion with examples of exploit vectors that are likely to be used by sophisticated malware to actively target sandboxes in the future.