Hackers of India

Smashing Heap by Free Simulation:

 Sandip Chaudhari 



Most of the current exploits around buffer overflows are heap overflow based. Have you been involved in third generation heap overflow based hacking techniques? No? Interested? Then it is time for you to get deep insight into internals of existing techniques, heap management and the free-simulation. If you’ve already looked at the heap overflows, was your focus on free()? Would you like to checkout exploits that work with malloc() next time?

Let’s smash heap, and then smash stack! Free simulation makes it possible. Presentation would involve detailed explanation of the free-simulation and further condense of the exact logical instructions triggering it. Further, the aim is to add a relatively easy technique for heap-based overflows, to the researcher’s exploit-techniques’ tool bag. By the end of the presentation, you should feel quite comfortable and confident to approach heap based overflow exploitations, especially using free-simulation.