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Zero Trust in the Era of Cloud

 Vandana Verma Sehgal 


Presentation Material


Cloud is the new cool thing, everyone wants to be in cloud but what about security and compliance standards. How do organizations manage safety as well as security in the era of cloud. The concept of everyone inside the network being good or trusted is blown out of the water with cloud deployments. Effectively everyone is a tenant on a big server farm when it comes to cloud.

The only way forward is to not trust anything or what can be called a zero trust model. This talk will explore the concept of zero trust and will try to demystify zero trust models. The talk will focus on implementation and deployment scenarios of zero trust for organizations. How should the business prepare for the transition, what are the architectural requirements and what policies are required to be implemented?

We will conclude the talk with some recommendations based on our own experience dealing with zero trust deployments across a broad spectrum of clients and market segments.