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Business Continuity and Risk Management in Turbulent Times

 Venkataram Arabolu 



Globalisation has led to making companies vulnerable to global & Local issues. The sphere of influence of Risk is increasing and therefore many “black Swans” are emerging from nowhere leading business to completely new challenges which the companies are not prepared to address to thus creating losses or even eventually making the companies go bankrupt. IT Outages, Loss of Key Resources, IT Service management issues, Currency fluctuations, Global Meltdown of economies, Labour unrest, unethical practices and Media bashing are just few examples of what the modern Enterprize faces these days. The New Global Standard on business Continuity Management ISO 22301( BS 25999) is the global best practice available in form of a Standard which will help companies to build resilience and a Risk based framework which can help companies to be able to face the Risk and vulnerabilities with process and system which are created and embedded as a part of organisation culture. Having adopted to ISO 22301, you are assuring your own self, your enterprise and also all the stakeholders to be prepared for such an eventuality well in advance.