Hackers of India

Enterprise Wi-Fi Worms, Backdoors and Botnets for Fun and Profit

 Vivek Ramachandran 


In this talk, we will explore how perfectly legitimate and useful features like the Wi-Fi Hosted Network on Windows 7 can be abused by malware to wreck havoc! We will see how an attacker could create Wi- Fi worms, backdoors and botnets using different techniques and attack Windows 7 clients using WPA2- PSK networks. These malware will use their own private Wi-Fi network to propagate and communicate with the attacker, and each other. We will also look at how to create proxy chains using Wi-Fi clients and how this technique makes it almost impossible to trace back the attacker! Who knows, the next Stuxnet may just use Wi-Fi for propagation over USB

About Vivek Ramachandran, SecurityTube.net

Vivek Ramachandran started working on Wi-Fi Security since 2003. He has spoken at conferences such as Blackhat, Defcon and Toorcon on Wireless Security and is the discoverer of the Caffe Latte attack. He also broke WEP Cloaking, a WEP protection schema in 2007 publically at Defcon.

Vivek is the author of the book “Wireless Penetration Testing using BackTrack 5” due for release in August 2011. He was one of the programmers of the 802.1x protocol and Port Security in Cisco’s 6500 Catalyst series of switches. He was one of the winners of Microsoft Security Shootout contest held in India among a reported 65,000 participants.

He is best known in the hacker community as the founder of SecurityTube.net where he routinely posts videos on Wi-Fi Security, Assembly Language, Exploitation Techniques etc. SecurityTube.net gets over 100,000 unique visitors a month.

Vivek’s work on wireless security has been quoted in BBC online, InfoWorld, MacWorld, The Register, IT World Canada etc. places. This year he is either speaking or training at Blackhat, Defcon, 44con, Hacktivity, HITB-ML, Brucon, Derbycon, HashDays, SecurityByte, SecurityZone and at MIT, Boston.