Hackers of India

Infrastructure Security

 Sivamurthy Hiremath 


Description: With the development of technology, the interdependence of various infrastructures has increased, which also enhanced their vulnerabilities. The National Information Infrastructure security concerns the nation’s stability and economic security. So far, the research in Internet security primarily focused on securing the information rather than securing the infrastructure itself.

The pervasive and ubiquitous nature of the Internet coupled with growing concerns about cyber attacks we need immediate solutions for securing the Internet infrastructure. Given the prevailing threat situation, there is a compelling need to develop Hardware redesign architectures, Algorithms, and Protocols to realize a dependable Internet infrastructure. In order to achieve this goal, the first and foremost step is to develop a comprehensive understanding of the security threats and existing solutions. These attempts to fulfil this important step by providing classification of Security attacks are classified into four main categories: DNS hacking, Routing table poisoning, Packet mistreatment, and Denial-of-Service attacks. We are generally discussing on the existing Infrastructure solutions for each of these categories, and also outline a methodology for developing secured Nation.